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Together Families

Are you an Adoptive or Foster parent? The children whom God has placed in your lives are special. Together Families is about linking families who share a similar journey and who understand the challenges that you face. So we would love to connect with you! Please click on the contact tab and we'll reach out to you.

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My Story

Although Chiyomi had worked with resource and adoptive families for over a decade and understood their joys and struggles, I simply thought that parenting in this arena was like any other. We adopted two of our children and soon faced many struggles as a dad raising them. I initially thought that I was simply a "bad parent," unable to discipline my children in the way they should go. After repeated encouragement to get help, we finally decided to attend a conference in WA for adoptive families.


At that "Refresh" conference, they gave everyone in the auditorium "Me Too" paddles and instructed us to raise them whenever we related with a story or testimony that was being shared. I literally related to every story that was told and was struck by the sea of paddles that were raised. I recognized for the first time that I was not alone and that I was understood.


And my encouragement to you is the same - You are not alone and we want to help provide support! Raising a foster or adoptive child is such a privilege but is not easy. That is why we are here. Please join our Together Groups or attend a future Hope for the Journey simulcast because I believe it will make a world of difference for you. We hope to see you there. Terence

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