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In the midst of reports of suicides, drug-use, and random acts of violence, we have also begun to see people unite together to pray, take action, and bring transformation. Our heart is to do community together. So let's rise up! Please contact us to get involved. We value your partnership.

The community events listed do not fall under the jurisdiction of Better Together Hawaii. We act as a hub for others whom we partner with to list their events. Better Together Hawaii shall not be held liable for any of the risks, injury, damages, or danger incurred at these events.

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Citizen's Patrol

Join us for our next Citizen's Patrol at the Mililani Town Center on Friday, December 15th, 6:00 - 7:00 pm.

Let's walk together for a safer and more secure community


Mililani Public Library is in need of volunteers to add RFID tags to all their library books from December to January. 1-2 volunteers at a time in one hour shifts. Please contact volunteer coordinator Veda, or Librarian Wendy Woodstrut at (808) 627-7470


Excel Church Nativity Scene

Imagine how much your keiki will enjoy a "Live" Nativity Scene with farm animals! It is happening at Excel Church Mililani, 95-801 Kipapa Drive, Mililani, on Saturday, December 16th, from 5 pm to 8 pm. 


From the Kipapa Elemementary School Fun Fair, to Malama Mililani's Ohana Bingo Night, thank you for partnering with us at these recent November events!  It was a great time connecting with the community. Please stay tuned for more events like these as we partner together for a better tomorrow!

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Serving Mililani together from Ohana nights to making a difference. Everyday people, in everyday places, with everyday faith!



We are a transformational culture and community of Aloha! Please join our Ekklesia Excelerator Course to see what transformation looks like in you, your family, your sphere of influence and your world.

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